Gill Sense Makes Sense

Gill Sense brings you the IoT technology to bridge the physical gap between the process and the person. The live data generated by Gill Sense will make more sense than option of one hundred experts.


A Stich in Time save nine
A smart alert system gives you a upper hand for any tragedy. Set up the range of lower and higher pressure in the App and get notifications on your Mobile when the pressure is out of the safe bounds.

Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything
Where One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions, we will get you every sample of Pressure as close as actual. Pressure +/- 0.1°C.

Be anywhere & Everywhere
Where you are responsible for monitoring multiple Power plants/ LABS/Boilers,etc. the IoT technology is the only way out in which you can monitor any number of remote sensors from one mobile dashboard.

One Size Fits All
Gill Sense Gateway is so versatile, just like potato you can use anywhere and every where. Now you can install this little box in a Clean room/ Boiler /Compressor/ Thermal Plant/Pneumatic System/Medical Systems,etc.

Actionable Insights

Gill Sense offers you the solution to have an actionable insight where the Pressure is determining parameter for your optimum operations and the Safety being paramount.Be it a Lab, Industry,Power Plant/Boilers. All the data is readily available on your Mobile and Notifications give you chance to act before it goes out of control.

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