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    PDFLevel-O-Meter Brochure


    • Water Level Controller
    • Water level Indicator
    • Liquid level Gauge
    • Liquid Level Sensor
    • Pump Controller (Single Phase / Three Phase)

    Gill Instruments is a manufacturer of one of the finest Liquid Level Gauges in India. Level-O-Meter is recognized as the pioneer, innovator and leader in MEMS based Level Sensing technology. Our digital level indicator base unit comes with built-in features i.e. intelligent pump control, Dry Run protection and cyclic timer, where user can program the Level-O-Meter for ON time and OFF time based in bore well water capacity. Our USP is patented level sensor which can work for many years without any maintenance.


    • Dry Run Pump protection.
    • Detection of unwanted leakage
    • Works with all type of liquids & fluids
    • Automatic Pump Controllers with programmable set points.
    • Accurate measurement with digital read out (DRO)
    • Patented Level sensor technology (Zero maintenance)
    • Big saving on energy, water, and money for the users.
    • No manual intervention in PLC Panel (fully automatic).
    • No maintenance & cleaning required for sensors for 10 years.


    An ISWITCH makes a unique and practical approach in saving money and power for tomorrow by reducing electricity bills by 30 %. It detects movement and ambient light using sensors and turns the light on. When an area is no longer occupied the light will switch off after an adjustable time out period.


    • IP54 Rating
    • Knock outs for wiring
    • Lux Level Sensing
    • Movement Sensing
    • Adjustable Timer
    • Switches any type of load
    • Works with any type of lamp

    Energy saver

    Energy saver provides timed ON/OFF control of energy-consuming loads like indoor & outdoor common area lighting or exhaust fans.
    It can protect your pumps where you have to manually switch on and switch off the pump after certain time. Once you set the ON and OFF time from the master push button it will follow the on-off cycle time automatically.


    • On Time – ( 10 to 90 Min)
    • Off Time – ( 1 to 20 Hrs )
    • Intelligent Power failure compensation
    • Timer Output: Star delta.
    • Ultimate protection for submersible pumps.
    • Fully automatic, NO manual intervention.

    Level Sensor

    Level-O-Meter is recognized as the pioneer, innovator and leader in MEMS based Level sensing. The new Level Transmitter LT100 transmitter design represents a continuation of our on-going effort to provide effective, innovative, and reliable products to the liquid level marketplace.


    • Works with all type of Liquids
    • Detection of unwanted leakage
    • Accurate measurement with digital read out (DRO)
    • Patented level sensor technology (zero maintenance)

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