Energy Monitoring Solution

Gill Sense Energy monitoring system is used to monitor various parameters like Load in KW (line Graph), Daily/weekly/Monthly/Yearly consumption in KWh (Bar graph), Power factor, Energy Demand – anytime and from anywhere.
In the power-hungry world, we are striving to empower our customers with important information about their energy consumption. While providing information is our primary goal, our devices and sensors are also helping customers manage their consumption by providing the capability to control their devices from the Mobile App.
All businesses today require a constant supply of electricity. Energy Monitoring Solutions ensure that the system health as well as accountability.

Energy Monitoring System Architecture

Gill Sense energy management architecture follows a simple three-fold approach:
“Sense > Connect> Manage” at site with all the sensors, meters, and actuators being digital in nature. Gill Sense solution for Energy and load Monitoring is based on state of the art IoT:
In typical modern operations, the assets are distributed across multiple facilities, covering urban and remote areas. It is impossible to monitor each site individually without significant number of feet on the ground. Even with that, information is prone to errors and inaccuracies. A remote monitoring system simply monitors equipment 24×7 across multiple locations removing human errors in the process.
AWS Cloud Infrastructure

Data from the Gill Sense edge gateways is sent up to the AWS cloud. The cloud is designed for hyper scalability with statistical/CV/AI/ML support – which means that it can operate systems ranging from tens to tens of thousands of installations with the same near real-time performance.
IoT Analytics Solutions

Gill Sense Data analytics system continuously works on the information from the remote site, recognizes anomalies, and flags them with actionable insights into potential causes, and recommendations on corrective action.


Smart Energy Manager Measure Monitor & Manage your energy consumption with IoT Energy Management Solution. It will help you to make smarter decisions about your energy utilization in your Industry, Factory and large buildings.

Notifications The Gill Sense app gives you real time “Safety Alert” notifications in case of overload. Gill Sense APP can generate insights for planning & management of your energy consumption for present and future needs.

Actionable Insights Now you can achieve more timely analyses such as getting minute updates to operational dashboards or deriving more actionable insights on customer usage trends and equipment telemetry using their IoT data.

Energy Monitoring Solution

With the advent of the Internet of Things technology, equipment is going from smart to intelligent. This means, every device that has internet enablement is not just pushing data to the cloud, but it is intelligently processing this data to generate actionable insights. These insights can be used to make real-time, critical, and informed decisions. Gill Sense Energy Meter Monitoring System truly ensures complete real-time management while enabling preventive and proactive maintenance of equipment and saving Energy.

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Sense >>> Connect >>> Manage