Measure Tank Level from Mobile
Now you got a simple way to measure liquid level in the tanks from remote sites and provide rich GUI on the smart phone. Gill Sense Mobile App can display tank level in real time for multiple tanks & locations and generate actionable insights for users through mobile notifications. Big saving on energy, water and money for you. Thanks to cloud for saving tank level history for many years.


Tank Watchdog Gill sense Mobile app enable you to monitor 100s of tanks from multiple locations under single login. Real time graph can generate valuable insights for users (Leakage/Pump Efficiency).

One Size Fits All The patented MEMS Sensor enables you to work with all types of liquids. The smart level transmitter is highly accurate with a resolution of 1% and can be used with all types of tanks.

Real Time Notifications You can set the Higher and Lower Set points for liquid level from Gill Sense Mobile APP. You will get a real time notification for leakage overflow and empty tank on mobile.

Zero Maintenance The Simple and Smart sensor requires no maintenance for 10 years without any degradation of accuracy which will reduce the cost and ownership and save maintenance time.

Buy one get two. (Dual sensor Gateway)
Imagine! You got a wrist watch which gives time for two countries, Now we have Dual sensor gateway for you. where you can measure level for two tanks using one product.
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