Get closer to the Process when you are away

Since this world is on the move you need not to sit in the control room to monitor your critical parameters. The virtual dashboard you will be able to carry along with you on your smart phone. The Mobile App Gill Sense open the doors to new opportunities when it comes to monitoring Temperature & Humidity from anywhere at any time !


A Stitch in Time Save's Nine
If you are having intelligent alert system the ordinary becomes the extraordinary. Set up the range of lower and higher temperature in the App and get notifications on your Mobile when the temperature is out of the safe limits.

Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything
Where One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions, we will get you every sample of temperature and Humidity as close as actual.Temperature +/- 0.1°C., Humidity +/- 1.5 % RH

Be anywhere & Everywhere
Where you are responsible for monitoring multiple plants/factories, the IoT technology is the only way out in which you can monitor any number of remote sensors from one mobile dashboard.

One Size Fits All
Gill Sense Gateway is so versatile, just like potato you can use anywhere and every where. Now you can install this little box in a Server Room/ Clean room/ Boiler / Cold Storage / commissary.

Extreme Connectivity and Simplicity

You can simply connect Gill Sense Gateway to the cloud using wi-fi network of your factory. We got a greatest combination of sensors (Thermocouples J,K,T,N,E,R,S,B,PT100) and IoT technology to gives you the power to control and monitor real time temperature & humidity data on your smart phone using Gill Sense App.

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